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Mote was founded by Dr. Paul H. Dear. He holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge and a D. Phil from Oxford. He worked under Sir Greg Winter on developing the first humanized antibodies - technology which would eventually lead to therapeutic antibodies such as Humira. In 1994 he became a Group Leader at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, the birthplace of monoclonal antibodies, DNA sequencing, and many other transformative technologies.

He has published over 50 scientific papers with about 4000 citations, and is an inventor on several patents in the fields of DNA sequencing and analysis. He is co-developer, with Dr. Angelika Daser of SHGen, of a pre-fertilization diagnostic that is now being used to increase pregnancy rates in patients undergoing IVF; and developed the PCRctic rapid diagnostic being trialled for early diagnosis of neonatal meningitis. He also played a key role in devising a new DNA sequencing technology, with the Cambridge-based biotech company Base4. In 2015 he left the LMB to establish Mote Research Ltd.